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Skateboarding Tips – Need To Know Stuff If You’re New To The Sport


How hard can skateboarding really be? Are you really just standing on it? But won’t the skateboard be doing all the work? When you’re just starting, you may be thinking these questions. You’ll find out in a hurry there’s a lot more to it than standing on a board that’s rolling along. It’ll take some skill, and you’ll have to practice to get that skill.

A lot of practice will be needed. You’ll need to practice the basics before moving on to the tricks you’ve watched the pros do. Ok – keep reading to find out several important tips if you’re a rank beginner.

Please try to use the proper equipment. At first, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable wearing shin guards, helmut, knee pads and elbow pads. But – when you first start out, it won’t take long to thank yourself for wearing them. But it’s like learning to ride a bike. You’ll fall more than you ride, especially true for extreme newbies. You’ll get your fair share of abuse before you correctly learn how to stop your speeding board. Eventually, you’ll probably stop wearing so much safety gear – but the helmut is really a good idea to keep wearing. You can have a serious fall, so the helmut really is a good idea.

Don’t worry about going slow. A lot of new skaters attempt the tricks before they have the right skills. This is only good for feeling discouraged and irritated and to be injured. Successfully skateboarding a couple blocks is not the same as being able to safely perform a trick. Hopping with the skateboard is not as easy as you may realize. Take it easy and go slowly, then learn to ride long distances. Learn how to quickly start and gain speed and then stop smoothly without falling down. When you can ride for more than a few blocks steadily and feel confident enough to maneuver your board around the other people on the streets and sidewalks, you might be ready for a few tricks. When you can skate long distances down the streets and can do that without running into pedestrians and falling, then you’re good to begin trying some tricks.

Learn just one trick until you got it down, and be sure to go at a slow pace. If you’ve got all of the basics down and are ready to try a few tricks, start small. Don’t go skating down the stairs or doing big jumps. Start doing small lifts and change directions. Or try to jump the board with direction changes. Don’t do dangerous tricks first, get the easier ones down and then move on. Just like learning to skateboard, doing tricks takes starting small and gradually moving up.

There is more to skateboarding than simply riding a flat board on wheels for a few feet. Skateboards are so much fun to ride, plus you’ll see people commuting to work on them if it’s not too far. You’ll learn better and faster if you’ll only open-up your mind to learning.


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